Please take a couple minutes to send the Douglas County School Board an email asking them to support our charter application.

Below is sample text that you are welcome to modify.  It’s always a good thing to provide your own perspective in addition to what’s provided.  Thank you for your support!

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Please Support Ascent Classical Academy


Dear Douglas County School Board Directors,

I am writing to ask for your support for Ascent Classical Academies and for you to approve their application.  The Ascent Classical model is one not available to Douglas County families, though it’s proven to be among the most successful programs in the state of Colorado.  Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County has almost filled its available space though the school is still one year out from opening.  This is a clear indication of demand for this school and is attracting many families who have currently “choiced-out” of Douglas County public schools or do not currently live in our community.

As a replication school, Ascent has the support and experience to implement a strong program on Day One.  The Ascent Classical Academy proposal follows best practices and guidelines for replication and are committed to establishing an excellent school for our children.

Thank you for your time and I again ask for your support for this school.