Ascent Classical Academy recognizes students’ intellectual achievements through academic awards in individual subjects and in overall academic achievement. 

Character Awards

Each quarter, Grammar School teachers have the opportunity to nominate their students for Character Awards, which are meant to honor and represent the school’s seven core virtues: courage, moderation, justice, responsibility, prudence, friendship, and wonder. Grammar School students are nominated based on their demonstration of one or several of these core virtues, and the nominations are read aloud by the Principal in front of the entire Grammar School. One winner is chosen for each core virtue, and those winners are determined by House Leadership in the Upper School. Character Award recipients receive a certificate during Lower School Opening Ceremonies. A wood plaque with their name and the virtue engraved onto it is added to our Character wall. These students are announced in our Monthly Newsletter.

Student of the Quarter

Each quarter, Upper School teachers have the opportunity to nominate students for the Student of the Quarter Award, which aims to recognize Upper School students who have made an impression with their attitude, behavior, demonstration of virtue, academic prowess, or a number of different things that may catch a teacher’s attention as noteworthy. All nominations are read aloud by the teacher who nominated each student during Upper School Opening Ceremonies. A plaque with the winner’s name is added to the student of the Quarter display.  These students are announced in our monthly newsletter.

Student of the Month

Each month, one of our seven core virtues is highlighted.  At the end of the month, each 1st-12th grade teacher selects one student that exemplifies the virtue studied.  When awarded during Opening Ceremonies, the teacher explains why the student was chosen.