Homeschool Enrichment (In-Person)

The Ascent Classical Homeschool Enrichment Program is open to home-educated students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. This program is designed to enrich a classical home-education with excellent academic enrichment classes and provide an opportunity for students to learn alongside their grade-level peers. Our goal is to partner with parents in developing students with strong character and virtue. This program provides home-educators with an academic community that seeks to learn the true, do the good and love the beautiful.

Program Details:

Our classes meets on Wednesdays at the Lone Tree Hub (8827 Lone Tree Pkwy, Lone Tree 80124) from 8:40-3:00pm. We will enroll 15 students in Kindergarten and 20 students in each of the other classes. Our 2021-22 school year will have the following combined grade-level classes:


1st/2nd Grade

3rd/4th Grade

5th/6th Grade

7th/8th Grade

Applications – Any applications received between January 8th, 2021 and March 19, 2021 will go into our lottery pool.

Lottery – We will begin sending offers and announcing waitlists after our lottery in late March 2021.

Waitlists – We will continue sending offers as seats become available through September 2021.


Learn more about our program

If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to attend one of our upcoming information meetings.


Program Partnership:

The Homeschool Enrichment Program is a program of Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County,  a public charter school offering a classical, liberal arts education to students in grades K-12. The mission, vision, core virtues and curriculum are consistent in both programs. programs. Homeschool students are invited to join the full-time students in extracurriculars and all-school events. Homeschool enrichment teachers participate in faculty training with full-time teachers, and receive administrative support from Ascent Classical Academy administration.

Ascent Classical Academy Charter Schools are licensed users of the Hillsdale College K-12 curriculum.  The Homeschool Enrichment Program is not endorsed by Hillsdale College.  While both programs are intended to be compatible, the Homeschool Enrichment curriculum is composed of original content created by its faculty or derived from sources in the public domain.

Class Offerings:

All students will rotate through all six classes taught by different teachers. Kindergarten students will be with one teacher all day except for Music and Art.

  • Classical Performance: Students will study, practice, and recite poetry, Shakespeare, fables, and fairy tales. They will participate in dramatizations and short performances based on adaptations of classical literature.
  • Music: Our music course will focus on choral singing. As students sing and study music, they will learn rhythm, melody, and harmony in music. Students will learn to recognize and enjoy music by classical composers like Haydn, Bach, and Beethoven.
  • Nature Study: This science class will focus on teaching the skills of observation in the natural world. This course will equip students with important science terms and concepts and teach them to create and keep a nature journal.
  • Great Biographies: Students will see history come alive as they learn about remarkable men and women who have changed the course of history. They will read biographies and study the lives of scientists, reformers, early Americans, and other key figures throughout history.
  • Art: This class will illustrate important elements of making and appreciating art. Students will have opportunities to use a variety of art mediums as they learn new art techniques. They will study and appreciate important artists and their works of art.
  • Literature: Younger students will listen to great stories and participate in supplementary activities that enrich the literature. Older students will read through a selection of classic literature and use class time for discussion and dialogue.




Parents are free to choose their own at-home curriculum for their students. We do provide suggested resources that align well with our school curriculum. Additionally, we are in the process of growing a curriculum library for parents to check out curriculum to use with their students. This year our curriculum check-out included:

History: The Story of the World volumes 1-4

New for 2021: Math: Singapore Dimensions Math

New for 2021: Writing: Structure and Style (by IEW)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of the program?

A: This is a publicly-funded, tuition-free program. There is a student fee of $75 per student (with a family cap of $225). There are no student supply lists. This fee covers all of your student’s books and supplies.

Q: Is my student required to wear a uniform?

A: Yes. In order to facilitate an atmosphere of learning and respect, students will be required to wear a uniform. More details about uniforms can be found HERE.

Q: Will my student have homework?

A: You should expect weekly at-home work for students in grades 3-8. This work will include poetry memorization, reading for literature and history, and occasional work from other classes to supplement in-class learning. By having students complete a small amount of work at home each week, we are able to use class time for rich discussion, presentations and valuable in-person instruction.

Q: Am I required to volunteer?

A: There will be numerous opportunities for you to be involved in your student’s learning, but there is no formal volunteer requirement.

Q: What are the requirements of the teachers in this program?

A: Teachers are required to have mastery of their academic discipline and have a strong ability to convey information to young people. Teachers are not required to hold a CO teaching license.

Q: What do you mean by classical education?

A: Learn more about how we understand and define classical education HERE.