Student Fees and Supplies


Ascent Classical Academy student fees help to cover the cost of textbooks, workbooks, and some literature that students may take home at the end of the school year. Fees also help to pay for several miscellaneous school supplies, including but not limited to copy paper, postage, art materials, facial tissue, writing materials, special project materials, etc. Should fees create a financial hardship, please contact Mrs. Flynn to discuss other arrangements. Below are the student fees for school year 2021/2022:

Half Day Kindergarten: $75
Full Day Kindergarten: $100
Grades 1-12: $125
Family Cap: $400

*Note: Student fees are non-refundable. Student fees do not include the cost of extra-curricular activities, clubs, athletics, and yearbooks.

Student fees are waived for indigent students (i.e. families with free-and-reduced-lunch “FRL” status), including homeless and foster students.

Please calculate the total for your student(s). School fee payments can be made by a check mailed to the school or via the link below.

Pay School Fees Online