Welcome to Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County

Our school has been approved to replicate a high-performing K-12 classical charter school in Douglas County. We plan to open in the fall of 2018 and appreciate your support.

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Do you want more high-performing education options in Douglas County?  Letters of Commitment are confidential and non-binding, but critical to demonstrate community support for our new school.

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Summer Reading Suggestions

With school out for the summer, many parents want to know what kinds of books their children should be reading.  The following suggestions are taken from our sister-school Golden View Classical Academy. Download the summer reading list Kindergarten – Second Grade...
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Classical Schools Model Still Among the Best Overall and in STEM

The US News and World Report recently released its 2017 rankings of the top schools in the United States and classical and liberal arts schools retain a strong showing in Colorado, demonstrating the success and strength of the classical model. Among the Top 10 schools...
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Nationally Known School Reformer Joins Ascent Classical Academy in Douglas County

Ascent Classical Academies are pleased to announce that Dr. Terrence O. Moore has joined the Ascent team as the founding principal of the Douglas County K-12 classical charter school’s launch in the fall of 2018. Dr. Moore brings a wealth of knowledge and experience...
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Six Reasons Why Singapore Math Might Be The Better Way

Ascent Classical Academy will use Singapore Math.  Singapore Math is a cohesive, deep, and focused mathematics curriculum, for Kindergarten through Seventh Grade, with the goal of developing algebraic thinking. Algebra is a systematic approach to describing patterns...
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Latin, Dead or Alive

Thomas Jefferson, in proposing a course of study for the state of Virginia, wrote this of Latin: I thank on my knees, him who directed my early education, for having put into my possession this rich source of delight, and I would not exchange it for anything which I...
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Why Kids Should Learn Cursive (and Math Facts and Word Roots)

Time Magazine published a piece several years ago about the benefits of classical teaching methods and "old-fashion" skills like penmanship and learning multiplication tables, as many schools today are abandoning these basics. The article begins with the perspective...
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Penmanship for the 21st Century

Many schools no longer teach penmanship and cursive, believing these are obsolete skills in the era of technology and keyboarding. The Ascent Classical Academy believes there are many benefits to cursive and handwriting, among them an acknowledgement of the power of...
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A Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

The Founders of America believed a liberal arts education is that worthy of free people. Free people must have a broad education in the World of Man, including history and literature, the World of Nature, to include math and the natural sciences, and the intersection...
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The Liberal Arts Path to Excellence in STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or Simply, STEM, is all the rage in education circles these days. STEM schools are thought to be a sure route to obtaining "21st Century Skills" leading to a good job, and parents are demanding more of the specialty...
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Classical Education: The Importance of Literacy in the Early Years

Many parents look at a classical curriculum and instinctively focus on one or two aspects – high school literature and Latin. Precisely because these two areas of study are so peculiar in a classical school, they garner the most attention. Students in typical public...
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