Welcome to Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County

Ascent Classical Academy is offering a tuition-free K-12 classical, charter public school to families in Douglas County. The community will finally have one of the highest performing school models to help children flourish and to prepare them to be happy in life. The school will open in the Fall of 2018.

Expression of Interest

Do you support more high-performing education options in Douglas County? Expressions of Interest are confidential and non-binding, but critical to demonstrate community support for our new school.

Completing an Expression of Interest will also make your child eligible for Ascent Classical Academy’s inaugural lottery, to be conducted in late November 2017.

Meadows Campus Update – February 7

The Ascent Classical Academy campus in the Meadows of Castle Rock is taking shape. See our overhead photos for an update on construction progress.

Ascent Classical Academy Announces Opening Campus Location

Since Ascent Classical Academy (ACA) began its outreach to establish a new school, the team has been working diligently toward a school location in northern Douglas County.  The real estate options to support a 500-student school, our opening size with grades K-10,...

Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County Granted State Waivers

Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County appeared before the Colorado State Board of Education on October 11, 2017 for a hearing on its request for state waivers.  Waivers from state statute and rule are what provide the autonomy for a charter school to implement...

No “L” in STEM – How a Classical School Develops Leaders and Thinkers

There Is No “L” in STEM: How a Classical School Develops Leaders and Thinkers As every parent knows, there is a great deal of buzz these days surrounding STEM education under the larger umbrella of “college and career readiness.”  Why our schools have not been...

Stanford CREDO Study Finds CMO Charter Schools Have Positive Impact on Student Performance

A recent CREDO at Stanford University study finds charter schools associated with non-profit management companies post signficantly higher gains that other school models.

Six Reasons Why Singapore Math Might Be The Better Way

Ascent Classical Academy will use Singapore Math.  Singapore Math is a cohesive, deep, and focused mathematics curriculum, for Kindergarten through Seventh Grade, with the goal of developing algebraic thinking. Algebra is a systematic approach to describing patterns...

Why Kids Should Learn Cursive (and Math Facts and Word Roots)

Time Magazine published a piece several years ago about the benefits of classical teaching methods and "old-fashion" skills like penmanship and learning multiplication tables, as many schools today are abandoning these basics. The article begins with the perspective...

A Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

The Founders of America believed a liberal arts education is that worthy of free people. Free people must have a broad education in the World of Man, including history and literature, the World of Nature, to include math and the natural sciences, and the intersection...