Meadows Campus Update – February 7

Meadows Campus Update – February 7

Our new home in the Meadows is taking shape!  We are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to open our school with grades K-10 in the fall of 2018, even with it being a one year option for Ascent Classical Academy.

Below are recent photos of the current construction progress.  The skeleton of the building is in place and it is scheduled to be completed in July.

Our team is already working on a new school site in northern Douglas County for the 2019-2020 school year and we will keep our community informed on that progress.

Ascent Classical Academy Announces Opening Campus Location

Ascent Classical Academy Announces Opening Campus Location

Since Ascent Classical Academy (ACA) began its outreach to establish a new school, the team has been working diligently toward a school location in northern Douglas County.  The real estate options to support a 500-student school, our opening size with grades K-10, have been limited and expensive and there has been insufficient time to develop our own campus.  In the last few weeks, our team was approached with an extremely attractive one-year lease option.  This option is in a new school building and will allow us to open in the the fall of 2018.  It will also allow us additional time to secure a permanent home for ACA in northern Douglas County for 2019 and beyond.

Ascent Classical Academy Campus - The Meadows

Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County Building Rendering

We are pleased to announce we have executed a one-year lease to open our school in the Meadows of Castle Rock.  This brand new facility is on 10 acres north of 3558 Celestial Ave in Castle Rock.  This campus was designed for Apex Community School, that will not be opening this next school year.

From Dr. Terrence O. Moore, Founding Principal,

The doors will open at Ascent Classical Academy.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to open the school next year in a building built to be a school—that has a playground.  It may require a little more driving to and from school than some of us were planning on, but the payoff will be well worth it.  The school will start out in this location and continue to work hard at finding a site in northern Douglas County—and with a much stronger financial position having been opened for a year.

The bell is ringing.  Let’s get our children back to class, have them open their books, and get down to learning things that will govern and inspire them for life.

ACA will open with grades K-10 in 2018, adding one grade a year, growing to become a K-12 school.

Site Plan

Construction on the new building will be completed in July of 2018.  Below is a site plan for the site that shows the building with plenty of open space and a playground.

Ascent Classical Academy Site Plan Meadows

Ascent Classical Academy – The Meadows Site Plan


Ascent Classical Academy - The Meadows Site Overhead

Ascent Classical Academy – The Meadows Site Overhead

Bus Options and Travel Times

Due to the unexpected change in location for one year, ACA is considering organizing a bus from the Highlands Ranch area, making designated stops on its route to the school.  Details of how many buses and route locations have not been determined, and will depend on parent interest and demand.  As we hear from parents about interest, we will provide more information.  We will also enlist parent help to coordinate using services like WayToGo and carpools.

Our team has researched drive times (and driven these routes) from various locations in Douglas County to the temporary campus in the Meadows, and have estimated the following drive times:


To Campus From Minutes
Quebec/C-470 16
I-25/C-470 14
I-25/Ridgegate 12
I-25/Castle Rock Parkway 6
Highlands Ranch Parkway/Santa Fe 15
Sedalia/Santa Fe 7


Ascent Classical Academy - Meadows Drive Time Locations

Ascent Classical Academy – Meadows Drive Time Locations

Questions and Answers

We know many have questions regarding this two-phased approach to establishing a long-term campus in northern Douglas County and have attempted to address them below:

Q: Will ACA be staying at this location permanently?

Our lease if for one-year only.  ACA intends to begin work immediately to find a location in northern Douglas County, centrally located to serve our families in Highlands Ranch, Parker, Lone Tree, Littleton, and Centennial.  Being in northern Douglas County also allows the school to serve families in the Castle Rock and Castle Pines areas as the school would be on the way for parents driving to work in the Denver Tech Center and other locations to the north.

Q: Does the Douglas County School Board need to approve this lease?

No, ACA and Apex have already obtained all the required approvals.

Q: My child currently holds a seat at Ascent Classical Academy.  Can we roll his or her seat over for next year?

Ascent Classical Academy renews its applications and wait list every year.  While we welcome your application for the 2019-2020 school year, you will forfeit your current seat and have to reapply.

Q: What is the school calendar and hours for next year?

The school will begin on September 4, 2018 and end right before Memorial Day in May of 2019.  The school day will begin at about 7:40am and dismiss at 3:00pm.

Q: When will you announce your future campus location?

Our team is already pursuing options on the 2019 campus and will make an announcement as soon as we’re able.  This is likely to be done later in the year.

Q: I previously declined or allowed an offer to expire.  Can I reapply for a seat?

Yes, we are still accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school, even if you previously declined or had an offer expire.  Visit our enrollment and registration site to update your application.

Q: What if I prefer to wait until I know the 2019 campus location before enrolling my children at ACA?

This is of course at your discretion, however it is important to consider that ACA uses a lottery system for enrollment offers.  As with our sister school, Golden View Classical Academy, year 2 will most likely have long waitlists.  Obtaining a seat for your child, or especially seats for multiple children, will be more difficult and you may not receive an offer.  The school is currently at 90% of its expected opening capacity though classes don’t begin until September 4th, 2018.

We are committed to working with our parent community to develop options that work with families from the northern part of the county and beyond.  Ascent Classical Academy uses a very successful school model, will be led by one of the most accomplished classical charter school principals in the country, and is experiencing very high demand.

We welcome your support for the launch of our new school.   Please feel free to email suggestions on how we can make this option easier for parents.